Put Your Workspace On A Diet: Lose Waste Now! Coaching for Efficiency

Decluttering your office will lead to decluttering your mind and a sense of enhanced clarity to get on with your work priorities. We'll roll up our sleeves and become clear on what to dump, do, delegate or delay. Drawers, shelves, piles of paper will disappear and be organized.

From a recent client:

"As a real estate agent, I knew that I would be even more productive and feel so much better about working at home if I could take my workspace out of my bedroom and move it into the garage. I hired Carol Ann to support and help me. After little over a half day and a trip to the dump, I now have a cheerful, warm and inviting space where I am organized and happy to work. I sleep better at night without my work materials beckoning every time I turn over!

I would highly recommend Carol Ann's organizational and decluttering prowess - she even brought lunch for us! And chocolate!" - Isabella Bateson

Carol Ann Fried

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