Look Who's Talking: Coaching to Speak

Listeners to your talk will later be heard saying: "Why did (s)he stop talking?” as opposed to “Why didn’t (s)he stop talking?”

From a recent client:

"Carol Ann Fried is a uniquely gifted coach. While one can immediately be won over by her gregarious nature, it’s her warmth and genuine desire to serve her clients that truly shines through.  While she has a variety of areas of expertise that can be deployed in any given moment, she takes things a step further by insisting that her clients let her know immediately if the specific concern that she is helping with speaks to your particular needs. This continuous co-creative approach yields tremendous results.

Carol Ann personally helped me excel in a few key areas of public speaking. She guided me with “cadence” and poise, moments to interject humour and personalizing my topic. Integrating her suggestions enabled me to reach my audience as never before. The feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive.  Work with Carol Ann and experience the “Friedom" that will take your work to the next level!"

Dr. Robert Hershorn PhD 
Lead Consultant, RJ Conflict Resolution Services

Carol Ann Fried

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